Welcome to Cliff Hulsten

This is the site where you can find information about Cliff Hulsten

My life

I have experienced a lot, both good and bad. Now I choose to see the positive in life.

The work I have done

I work because I think it's fun, both professionally and as a volunteer.

Make video

One of the things that I think is really good is when I express myself through video. Or helping others to come out with a message.

Multimedie Designer

In this year I finished the program as a multimedia designer. Where I've learned to work with large and small projects, alone and in groups, I have learned how to use visual communication to bring messages to the correct receiver with different channels.

Web developer

After the summer I start taking the bachelor in web development, to have a good foundation to build more learning about interactive communication and outreach.

I'm very social

Positive person, which is open to the outside world. Innovative and attracted to honesty. Very curious.

References and work

No company is too big or small, but I can show the value I bring



Both freelance and in-house graphicsand video tasks


Webudvikler og Kommunikationsansvarlig, produktion af grafik til tryk og online

Instructional and SoMe videos

SoMe management, video editing, external consultancy