Web Development

I make the more advanced web development projects, where the products work on many different platforms, I see advantages in the use of multimedia - audio, video, etc. in integrated communications solutions.

Html and CSS

Internet when we visit sites that are built up of codes typically html and CSS. This can go a long way, but when you shall prepare dynamic websites then you need to also use programming languages such as C # or PHP.



I've made solutions in various CMS: Joomla, WordPress and Drupal are some of them. This site is built on Umbraco and running on ASP.Net server. What right is the best option for you depends on many things - but I will gladly help you find the one that suits you best.


Give feedback

I'd love to have feedback, this is how I most easily will be improves to what I do. I am always open to communicate with honesty and trust, because when we work together we can create improves documented results than if we were alone

Complete new website

Made togetter whit Anne Juulsgaard

Udvikling og vedligeholdes af webstedet for den socialøkonomiske virksomhed KORN180.

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